UPDATE: Morning Ritual

Everyday I write the book…I just wish I had a bigger screen.

UPDATE: Several New Series in the Works

So many new views and likes within the last week, but haven’t posted anything in over a month! You must really be curious. I’m going to be reaching out to individuals, hopefully a… Continue reading

CURRENTLY LISTENING: Living Alone EP by Maryleigh Roohan

Her voice is full of complexity and the music follows her wherever she’ll take it.

NEW PIECE: Seattle Hardcore’s G.L.O.S.S.

This week Bitchmedia.org published my piece on G.L.O.S.S. (Girls Living Outside Society’s Shit). The band offered up truly honest answers and I feel honored to have had this experience. The final piece looks… Continue reading

CURRENTLY LISTENING: Heatwave by Wild Ones

Just when I thought that summer was over, Wild Ones releases the Heatwave EP and it makes me want to do the season all over again.

ON BEING A TRUE WARRIOR: An Interview with Sate

Imagine how buzzing the world would be if we were all loving what we were doing every single step of the way. We could love one another freely.

CURRENTLY LISTENING: Ubiquitous American Sandwich by edgar clinks

Brooklyn-based edgar clinks takes us on a bumpy surrealist joyride in their album Ubiquitous American Sandwich.

MIX TIME: The Best Summer of Your Life

I get caught up in the endless responsibilities I take on, sometimes unending projects that I love but swallow my time. I can’t apologize because it’s what I should be and want to be doing. I can, though, offer you something new that I made as I take a break.

CURRENTLY LISTENING: Staycation by Low Lives

NY’s Low Lives offer up lots of catchy bits mix with the perfect amount of punk grit in their first release Staycation. Photo by Eian Kantor.

CURRENTLY LISTENING: Big People by Max Gowan

From the get-go, Max Gowan knows how to grab your attention with classic melodic elements on this first full-length. But there’s a certain open fearlessness here that I haven’t heard in a while… Continue reading